Philip Gardiner is the international best selling author of "The Shining Ones", "The Serpent Grail", "Gnosis, the Secret of Solomon's Temple Revealed" and "Proof: Does God Exist" to name a few. He has appeared on hundreds of radio and television programs worldwide. He had his own TV show (Gardiner's World) for two years. 

He has infiltrated various secret societies and been initiated into Orders many people had thought were long forgotten. Committed to his mission to uncover the real history of mankind and the unraveling of manipulative propaganda, he has come up against many obstacles and yet in his books and DVD's consistently uncovers vital information and provides insights into the mysteries of the ancients and the nature of reality. He lives in the heart of Robin Hood country in the UK and travels the world on a personal quest to uncover the truth. 

Philip began his writing career with a book entitled, "Proof: Does God Exist?" Published in 2002 and followed this up with his best selling "The Shining Ones: The World's Most Powerful Secret Society Revealed", which became a top seller in the UK.

These days however.....
My hobbies include tending to our many rescue animals, creating a model railway of the 1940's and spending time with my family. I still direct documentaries, but that does not for one minute mean I believe the content or agree with them. Ideas are pushed out to me from the producer who requests a doc on UFOs or some paranormal nonsense. I simply create them to earn a living for my family and animals.

I DO NOT believe in UFOs, aliens, ghosts, fairies, God or anything else science cannot prove. The recent stir in the press over Bible Conspiracies is a prime example. I don't believe one way or another in whether Appolonius of Tyana was Jesus or not. Nor whether the tower of Babel existed. I simply don't care. It doesn't matter. What matters is the message of a great many ancestors who understood human nature for what it is. I am not tied to any religion or belief. Personally I go wherever the evidence takes me, not where a man in a frock tells me to go. Nor do I worry about what some really bad journalistic claptrap creates for headlines to sell newspapers.

In the end, nothing really matters.... do good, protect the innocents, try to make the world a better place and stop caring about what everybody else is doing.

I am not interested in interviews, lectures or presentations. I wish to remain behind the scenes.